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the network powered by creatives.

We connect

clients and creatives

to provide high quality, passion driffen & fair working conditions for every party.


We help agencys, by working with them and on their customers projects. By sending the most experienced Creatives we’ll maintain quality and offer them a projects beyond horizon.

We do proffessional branding, marketing photoshotooting and filmproduction for companies, startups and businesses. Our main focus is to represent the business in its best light and build forwardlooking design communication concept.

We offer our services to individualls aswell to give them the opportunity to have highquality products aswell.


The focus of our producers is to create content like photos, films, videos & more for screen & print.

Our publisher manage postings on social media web, print and other kampagnes. They focus on the little tweaks and manage goals and target groups to provide fitting content.

Our designers develop professional graphics like logos, prints, cards & flyers. And basically every design you need an artistic creative or communicative eye on.

Creators create. They setup websites, flyer, business cards, and more. Their job is to turn concepted vision into a creative fitting real-world version.

In Depth

and who is "we"?

We started this all for one reason.

Digital Agency based in austria tyrol

We are from tyrol and we design and create modern, trendy & unique digital all in one solutions – like videos & photos, websites and more – for the complex needs of the modern industry.

The digital advertising agency Patrick Piper and Eric Peters as Filmproduction together as Coretecs – are based in austria. We are the brains behind the coretecs network and we manage and connect motivated and experienced creatives to provide high quality and passion driffen project solutions with a unique and modern touch.

We connect with agencys, CEOs, clients and creatives. What ever it is, floating around in your mind, we’ll find a way to make it come alive.

We offer

Videos, Websites, and more

…, Logos, Designs, Photos, Musicvideos, 3D Designs, and way more, dont wait for it. Just contact us!

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