The Web (en)

The small things most often show big impact.



Space in web


There are many Webspaceproviders out there. The biggest difference between each other is space, features and the price. Depending on your location or the location you want to host your site you may choose a different option.


Depending on your achivement and contentmanagementsystem you need figure out how much space you may or may not need. 50-100GB may be fine for the beginning.


Important features for your webspace are, php, mysql and a mail server. There might be more features you need or some things to concinder. There are for example Providers like nitrado which make the basic php mail function unavaliable because of securtiy.


An all in one Package with one Domain at a medium usage level shouldn’t cost you more then 150€/year.


.net, .org, .at

Your online name and link

Domains are the – let’s call it „Text Version of your Webservers IP“. They basicly send the user to the right server and directory over the internet. If you already own a Domain you can transfer your Domain to an other provider by requesting the so called authcode.


NIC is austrians domain registry service and will manage your data and you certificates. If you cancel your Domain NIC will disable your domain for 8 weeks straight. Keep that in the backside of your mind.


Your Provider will register the domain at Nic and send them your data. I recommend you to buy your domain from the same seller.


If you want to transfer your domain over to another provider you easily do that by requesting your auth code. You need to pay the domain the new provider.



Source Code, Content Management Systems

Depending on your project you need to make the next important decision. If you have a website that constantly updates new content. If you have a single purpose driffen site you can easily do that with play html, css or js.

Source code

Source code is perfect if you want to make a small page. I recommend you bootstrap to make sure your site works on mobile phones aswell. You might need css and js depending on your ussage

Software Recommendations:

  • Browsers
  • Developer Tools
    • Firefox
      • clean structure
      • color picker
      • addons
      • customizable
  • Code Editor
    • Visual Studio Code
      • free & expandable 
      • easy to use & a great workspace
      • for alot of diffrent languages
  • Data Transfer
    • FileZilla
      • free & easy to use
      • for multiple servers

*These is a subjective list and contains my personal preferences. There are plenty more honorble mentions out there.


WordPress is in my opinion the most expandable CMS out there right now, its community driffen and open source. There is really happening alot over a few days. Some big plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast make wordpress even more advanced. You can build shops, user platforms and way more with just a few clicks. Altough it might seem alot at the beginning you’ll get used to it and realized the big potential of it.


  • Free & open source
  • Huge community
  • Mobile app
  • Plugins with Mobile Apps
  • Free Shopsystem
  • Almost code free


  • needs alot of maintaince & updates
  • overwhelming at first
  • security risk
  • needs alot of optimization
  • takes a little bit of space

Here is a small list of plugins we’ll take a closer look into later in this course.


Plugins to back you up.

UpdraftPlus, GDPR, Broken Link Checker

In this secton we’ll cover three very important plugins for your wordpress site. No matter if you build, code, buy or just use a free theme you’ll most likely not find a better free option then these three Plugins

This is your backup Plugin, use it to automaticly save your website to a cloud server of your decision. You can backup your database and your files. You can even back up single parts of your website.

You need to inform the user if your site uses cookies. If so, the user needs to accept the ussage of cookies on your site to scroll trough your page. This Plugin creates a Popup with the right information you can make design tweaks with little css knowledge. But the basic functions should be fine aswell.

A small tweak to make your site more userfriendly and add some extra points to your Search Engine Optimizing. This plugin finds your broken links and you can correct them in no time.


Search Engine Optimizing

YOAST, RankMath

One of the most important steps to gain views is the search engine optimizing. In this part you’ll configure your pages for google and other search engines.

What is a Searchengine?

A search engine (google) is a server with a software on it to scan the internet for webpages. They read meta data and try to figure out if your content is worth being listed on their outputs.


Two of the most simple and advanced plugins are YOAST and RankMath. I’ve used both of em and they are pretty simillar they even support my page Builder Elementor. So these options are perfect for wordpress. And free.

Whats important?

The most important part is to name your sites the right way. Permalink structure is a huge point aswell. Watch out for broken Links and duplicated content, this might be bad for your overall seo ranking.



A tool to check your speed.

In this part we’ll focus on the fine tuning. We analyze our page with google PageSpeedInsights and try to close out errors. In the most cases the problem is too much content to load and no compression.

On this google page you can check your site speed with google servers. This is very usefull if you’re about to launch a page and want to make a quick check if your site is userfriendly.


Many of the errors by PageSpeed Insights are for Developer and Coder. There might be simple fixes to your problems, but there might be problem you’ve never heared about or even thought exists. For the best results you shoul aim for a score in the green field.