1. First Talk

In the first talk, we’ll workout a small overview of your company and it’s ongoing marketing. Then we’ll discuss your basic ideas and the goals your aiming for.

88A6600 scaled
88A6600 scaled

2. Conception

With the above mentioned information obtained we’ll workout and concept for your idea. We’ll discuss it with you to adjust further steps.

1.1 Choose Creatives

Depending on your needs we’ll choose which and how many creatives we’ll put into the field with you. For example: You need Product Photos, a video for a marketing on your website, and social media content. By getting those creatives into the boat we can off your a huge creative output connected to the same vision.

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4. Set Setup

As planned we’ll show up at the location in time. We’ll bring our equipment like the BMPCC4k, RodeNtg1, Light and way more cool stuff.

3. Organisation

Every good project, needs good organisation. Since we now know all the details we can setup a timetable and make appointments. With that in mind the connected creatives to the project can maintain relaiability and forecasting problem solving.

88A6600 scaled
88A6600 scaled

5. Action!

At this point we are all set! Ready to record your video and shoot your photos. Our team will make sure the right circumstances are given.


After the conception, storyboarding and the shooting schedule have been completed, filming begins

88A6600 scaled


Professional color grading that will exactly get the mood you want to achieve in your video.

88A3291 scaled


Professional cutting, animation, special effects and a lot more